What we do

Operation Management

Specifically designed standard operating procedures catered towards an efficient system to enhance the day-to-day operations.
The day-to-day general management and operations including but not limited to :
Acting as Information/Community Center on behalf of the Joint Management Body & Management Council and Residents.
and to advice and take necessary actions for and on behalf of Joint Management Body and Management Corporation for an representation with Governmental Bodies.

Building Maintenance

Influx offers a variety building maintenance.Whether you need a fully staffed , on site commercial property maintenance team or ad hoc work , we has the right solution on your building maintenance needs
With our Scheduled Preventive Maintenance we can identify and resolve minor maintenance disturbance and this will helps to reduce the yearly maintenance and repair cost by 30% or more.

Our Accounting System

We are using our cloud accounting system to prepare our monthly financial report budget , credit control , collection and billings.
Download our financial report below to see what to expect every month from our reporting.

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About us


To deliver excellence in Facility Management Solutions, achieving absolute Customer Satisfaction by engaging the BEST PEOPLE to apply the BEST PROCESSES, in delivering the BEST PLACE for our customers to live, work and play.

Our people shine every day

One of the real keys is having multi-skilled, multi-tasking people. As well as being experts at what they do, they also care about providing great service as a whole.
It can be something really simple like not walking past a piece of paper on the floor. But there are also deliberate crossovers in the way they work. It’s all about using  resources more flexibly like managers who take responsibility for switching off lights, re-stocking lights or checking the washrooms as part of their daily patrol.

Our team

                            Administrative and Maintenance Team

At Influx , we consider ourselves very fortunate to work with so many dedicated managers and support staff. It is their dedication, hard work and commitment that has helped so many of the clients .

Our passionate and well-trained staff teams have developed the practical experience and specialist knowledge that is required in order to manage the property and many of our long time admin/executives have gone on to become managers for the company.

We have our own Training department and senior managers who together support our managers and staff teams – ensuring that there is a constant reinforcement of best practice, that staff teams are up-to-date on current Strata Management Act and high standards are maintained or improved upon.

                                                The Management team:

Our direct management team are completely responsible for operating day-to-day operations for the various buildings that we manage. The management team that we employ our skilled staff members who work extensively in managing our day-to-day operations, collaborating with on-site teams as well as working with our approved contractors.

Every one of our management team comes with the latest in up to date industry training as well as approved health and safety training. Through these types of training features our management staff are able to deliver a great service no matter what industry they are working within and no matter the location that they are working within.

Our managers have a number of different objectives on any job site including:

Monitoring and assisting approved contractors and measuring efficiency improvements for our clients. Approved contractors and service professionals need to be performing at the required level and our managers can ensure that this task is handled.

Minor repairs and improvements: our managers can assist with supervision and minor repair work and identify areas where contractors can be of assistance in the most efficient way possible.

Site management teams will be responsible for informing residents and clients exactly what’s going on in the building. Our managers produce a schedule for maintenance and a schedule for the various solutions that they provide so that all of our clients can understand what’s happening in their building and when professionals may be on-site.

Staff training: managers represent the direct rights of our staff members and ensure that they are properly trained. Our managers are regularly receiving new training and completing new research in the field to ensure that we can deliver the best possible customer care from every staff member


Task Management

We use Asana throughout the daily work as we collected, distributed, and collaborated on hundreds of documents related to the maintenance and complaint from the owners of the property.

We were able to track and monitor every complaint because all conversations related to those documents were in Asana. We saved a lot of time since we didn’t have to dig through scattered emails and file servers.

Online Backup

Our online backup solutions for customers and for it data is powered directly by Dropbox. Our online backup is produced using proprietary dropbox cloud software which is known for its advanced security.

At Influx we strongly believe in the power of data and keeping it secure with only the best tools available to us. This ensures that every one of our customers has their data backed up including bank statements, invoices, pictures, contracts and more. By keeping all of this data secure and backed up daily through Dropbox we can prepare for any eventuality with our customers. Whether you need reference for taxes or you are interested in contacting the same contractor again for repair and maintenance, the data is always available to you through online backup.

Keeping your own records and having an ongoing record of payment/financial report is not always easy for the average JMB/MC but through the Influx clients support items in Dropbox you can always access the types of documents that you need whether you are on a tablet, computer, smart phone or any type of device.

Dropbox services are available to every client to access their data and with the help of Dropbox all of the data stored on the system is 100% secure for the future. Access files with your secure login on any type of device using the online backup solutions that Dropbox and our business account at Influx services can deliver.

Google Apps

In order to improve our day-to-day operations we use a number of google applications to improve communication as well as our day-to-day operations. Some of the main Google apps that our company uses in day-to-day operations includes Google drive, gmail, Google photos and more.

Gmail is an everyday system that we use in day-to-day operations for communications and chatting amongst each one of our staff members. It’s an extremely secure e-mail suite that also allows us to easily e-mail out to contractors , JMB , MC and more.

Google drive is a tool that we regularly used to share work files, documents, accounting data and more. All of our data is kept on a secure Google drive account that ensures maximum communications between our management staff, approved contractors, our tech staff and our other employees. Google drive helps us to improve the speed of business and ensure is that we always have access to the files we need on any device.

Google photos are a tool that we also regularly used to share operation photos, repair photos and more. Sharing our repair photos and portfolio work over Google photos helps us to regularly update our website as well as share progress report tips amongst every one of our staff. Making sure that our staff members can easily view repair photos and progress photos ensures that we always have access to updates for the multiple buildings that we provide support to Google photos remains one of our top solutions for photo sharing into the future of our company.

Our Server Technology

We are passionate about using the best tools available in our industry. Our server technology is formed around a Windows 2012 based architecture and hosted it be AIM Data Center in Kuala Lumpur. We utilize our own host account software as well as a client data backup which is maintained on a daily basis. Through our comprehensive server technology we can create faster experiences for our customers as well as address the maintenance need of any commercial or residential company.

Our server technology is responsible for our operation management, building management and maintenance communication as well as for accounting. Through these backed up systems and high level of security/speed it is possible to enjoy extra peace of mind with your building knowing that you can always be protected by the best in technology for your condominium and buildings.

As technology continues to change we will move beyond the cloud as well as integrate the newest forms of communication tech and applications that could be extremely useful for our staff to build on our expertise in the future. At Influx it is our goal to build only the finest in customer service solutions for our clients across our managed properties. By continuing to work with the best technology we can remain at the top of our field

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